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If your SAP system is overloaded with large volumes of data, or if you run SAP systems no longer used productively, PBS NAI is the perfect solution for you.Smart data management with NAI lets you transfer data from various sources to the analytic NAI database and perform integrated analytics with the SAP application.

The following data sources are supported: SAP production database, SAP archives, data from legacy SAP systems, and external data. You can analyze all NAI data extremely rapidly from the SAP GUI via transactions, reports, or generic queries. This delivers optimum support for data migration to SAP S/4HANA, decommissioning of legacy SAP systems, data archiving, and GDPR.

Analytics Without Limits

Precise analysis of all your business information yields insightful knowledge you can leverage to advance your business.With PBS NAI, you can perform any analyses of your SAP environment. At the same time, PBS NAI lets you integrate increasingly important non-SAP data. Data is stored and processed in the NAI database, which can perform analytics processes at extremely high speeds. The stand-out advantage: Analytics do not affect the load on your SAP database. PBS NAI can be implemented irrespective of the SAP database system (AnyDB or SAP HANA) or ERP version (SAP Business Suite or SAP S/4HANA) you run.